Welcome to the Derby Telegraph’s new online nostalgia section, derbytelegraphbygones.co.uk. The site is packed full of fascinating articles about our county’s heritage and the people who have made it so great.

Each day it will be updated with material created by Telegraph writers but one of the best things about derbytelegraphbygones.co.uk is that you can help it become the definitive archive of life in the county by adding your own stories and pictures or commenting on those contributed by others.

As regular readers will have noticed we’ve changed the site and adding an improved search facility and easier navigation between articles.

So go on, add your memories and contribute to local history in the making, by going to the Send us Your Memories page.

And don’t forget to buy the Telegraph each Monday for its eight-page Bygones pullout and every night for the very best that Derbyshire has to offer… past and present.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Anthony Patrick said:

    RE: Bygones Wednesday,14th December, 2011 – Page 16.
    Photograph of Senior Class at Brackensdale Infants School, 1955-56.
    An interesting photograph that brings back some lovely memories of my early childhood schooldays. I feature in the picture and I recognise a few classmates;-
    David LOMAS is the studious reader of the newspaper, Ernie RICE, Andrew HALLAM and Ruth URMSTON are other names I recall.


    Tony Patrick

    • Janet Sanders (nee Rice) said:

      Hi it was a lovely suprise to see this photograph of my brother Ernie Rice who died in 1972 i recognised him straight away and dashed to show my Mum who was thrilled.

      Regard Janet

  2. Mrs. Lomas said:

    Regarding the lovely photo of young men at Markeaton Park training camp in the summer of 1942 on which George Harris is shown, I wonder if he knew my father Sydney Rothwell. There is someone who looks like him second left on the second row down.

  3. jill gray said:

    JANUARY 2ND Would have been my dads 80th birthday.on that day derby telegraph wrote about Borrowash in the 60hi.bygones helen clark gave a phot of ex working man club at Borrowash on Ladywood Rd.My mum say unknown 3rd from left top row TOM RAISIN.Thinks top row far end my be Jack Banks not sure.Had some great xmas partys as a kid. being 1 of 7.

  4. Karen Hill said:

    Re Bygones Monday 18 June
    Photograph of pub regulars by the sea.
    The gentleman on the far right is my uncle Joseph Carrington, who, unfortunately, died last year.

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