I REMEMBER working for Burrows and Sturgess on Ashbourne Road, Derby, in the late 1950s.
I was a driver’s mate going to depots in Sheffield and Lichfield. The driver, who I think was called Joe Newhall, drove an  AEC Mammoth Major with eight wheels and a trailer.
Loading was very hard work. They used metal, two dozen bottle crates which I recall had to be stacked six high and six wide.
Once loaded, the lorry and trailer would set off for the depots in Sheffield and Lichfield, where all the crates would be unloaded by hand by me and the driver before they were replaced by returnable empties. These were  taken back to Derby, where they would be unloaded  for the next day.
I also remember the firm buying two new Guy Otter lorries when the old Morris Commercial ones were on their last legs. I remember working with Roy Otterwell, who was a Teddy Boy like me. It would be nice to see pictures of the lorries and staff.
Keith Tipper